1 year of care at the St. Andrews Baby Unit!

Raising funds to cover salaries for two house mothers at the St. Andrews Baby Unit!


We're happy to have reached this second project goal for the St. Andrews Baby Unit outside of Nairobi, Kenya. This will secure a year of salary for the house mother who looks after all the 15 babies at the unit. All our members' Coins of Compassion made this possible! Thank you. 


As they continue to work on sustainability, the St Andrews Baby Unit still requires your support. In particular, we need to ensure that the house mothers receive a monthly salary. A grant of USD 1,820 would pay two mothers’ salaries for one year. This includes Mother Florence whose story we will follow throughout the year.


The St Andrews Baby Unit opened in November 2007. Since then, over thirty babies have received care from the team of dedicated house mothers. These are babies who had nowhere to go and no-one able to take care of them. Four of these children have been adopted into caring Kenyan families and several have moved on to the care of Kandara Children’s Home in which the unit is located.

The team of staff do an amazing job raising the children in the unit. They are responsible for the total care of the infants including feeding, changing and bathing while maintaining the unit and washing all the laundry (without the use of machines!). These are the ladies who help ensure the babies are healthy, help them to take their first steps and say their first words, encourage them as they develop social skills. Without these ladies, the St Andrews Baby Unit would not be the place it is today.

Over the years, the unit has been working on ways to become more self-sustainable. Rather than rely 100% on donor funding, they seek donations from the local community to ensure they have food to feed the children. This is supplemented by a kitchen garden which the staff has set up to grow vegetables including pumpkins.

The team has also started a day care programme in which mothers from the local community can pay a small fee to have their child cared for in a safe environment while they go to work. This has been well received and many mothers make use of the facility on a regular basis.


The St Andrews Baby Unit is providing care for babies who would otherwise have no hope for the future. Infants under the care of the unit have been found abandoned in a school playground, by a river and in a garden. Others have been orphaned at a tender age. Sometimes they are left in the care of elderly grandparents who cannot cope with a newborn infant.

The team of staff at the St Andrews baby unit gives these children a chance at a brighter future!


As we support the St Andrews Baby Unit in the short term, we are allowing them the opportunity to develop their sustainability projects and reduce their reliance on external support. This will enable the unit to continue operating and offering more babies the care they deserve. 


The St. Andrews Baby Unit is located in a rural village called Kandara, which is situated 45 kilometres north east of Nairobi. The Baby Unit provides care for up to 15 babies, from newborn to 3 years, who have been orphaned, abandoned or neglected.



Project leader: Kirsty Mclullich
E-mail: kirsty@vision-africa.org

Funding goal: $1,820
Remaining: $0
Since: 18. April, 2013


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