Medical treatment for children, Masanga Hospital

Raising funds to treat more than 400 children in Sierra Leone!


We're so happy to report that our Coins of Compassion are now on the way to Masanga where it will provide medicine for more than 400 children! We're in the process of the preparing a new project goal, so stay tuned!

Message from Masanga regarding previous support 

"Help Every Day has supported Masanga in the past with donations to our maternity ward, and has secured the economic means to carry out 20 caesarean sections as a lifesaving procedure for both mother and child. This has helped to increase awareness of the vital treatments that the hospital carries out."

Current challenge that Masanga needs help to solve

The Masanga Hospital treats many children. In Sierra Leone - the world’s poorest country - there is a massive shortage of hospitals, doctors, nurses and medicine. Even though the government has introduced free treatment for children under the age of 5, there are still many children for whom this treatment opportunity is not available. Medicine disappears: corrupt politicians, officials and health personnel steal the medicine and sell it for their own gain.

Specific goal of this project

To secure that as many children as possible have access to free treatment at the Masanga Hospital, Help Every Day are raising 10.265 DKK / 1810,25 USD to provide treatment for approximately 410 children. For an average of 25 DKK / 4,41 USD we can purchase the medicine and dressings necessary to treat one child with his or her illness, including malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, meningitis and many of the other frequently encountered tropical diseases, like worms and parasites. 

Background information

At the Masanga Hospital all children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers receive free treatment. Running a hospital is an expensive affair: there are wages to pay, diesel for generators, bandages and dressings, to name just a few. Medicine is a big expense although it does not cost so much to treat the individual patient.  

On an annual basis, we have more than 1000 children admitted and approximately 4000 children are treated as out-patients. is an Association in Denmark that ensures that all funds donated go directly to the project. There are no administrative costs, all donations go to the running of the hospital and education/training projects.  

The Masanga Hospital consists of three correlated lines: health, education and entrepreneurship. By offering the local community free and equal access to basic health services, by educating good, intelligent employees, nursing assistants, nurses and doctors to become health providers of the future and, via entrepreneurship to create the economic foundation of the future hospital, the Masanga project with, inter alia, the support of Help Every Day, is helping to create development and growth in Sierra Leone. This development builds upon relations: development and change in the world goes both ways. We must become better at using the resources and knowledge that are available today to share the benefits and create welfare for all.



Project leader: Søren Bo Steendahl

Funding goal: $1,810
Remaining: $0
Since: 19. December, 2012


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