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Providing 14 Bikes of Compassion to help patients in need of home-based care in the Mufindi district, Tanzania


December 2012: An update with a great song of thanks (video) for the bikes and pictures from recent training in the Home Based Care Program.
August 2012: Check out this update with amazing pictures of all the Bikes of Compassion together with the stickers on them plus a short video clip, which we just received a few days ago.


We've now funded this great project completely based on our daily habit of generosity through Coins of Compassion from around the world. We will be posting updates and pictures from Tanzania as soon as we can get them from our Partner Foxes Community Trust.

Our relationship with Foxes Community Trust

Help Every Day is raising funds to assist in the purchase of bicycles for the new volunteer health professionals. Each bicycle costs $93, and through your donations of Coins of Compassion, you will help to assure bicycles are provided to each new volunteer. With each new volunteer and each new bicycle, volunteer health professionals will travel to rural communities throughout the surrounding area, to visit patients and provide medical care to those who need home-based care.

Help Every Day is excited to partner with Foxes Community Trust to build upon the inspirational work already happening on the ground in Tanzania. Our relationship with Foxes formed after an initial first connection between Geoff Knight, Project Leader with Foxes, and Jesse Baltutis, Project Selection and Reporting with Help Every Day. Both Jesse and Geoff saw an immediate bond between these two young organizations, and have since engaged in ways for Help Every Day to support Foxes to achieve their goals and priorities.

Project Summary

Through the purchase of bicycles for volunteer health professionals, Help Every Day has partnered with Foxes Community Trust to ensure the service of home-based health care to those in the Mufindi district, Iringa Region of Tanzania, who are unable to make the journey to the central heath centre – the Mdabulo Health Facility. Enabling the most vulnerable in each community with access to trained health professionals provides each community with a better chance at a healthier future, and a stronger community. Help Every Day recognizes the contribution of Foxes work towards the health, economic and social security of communities in the Mufinidi district of Tanzania. We believe that with the generous support of our Coins of Compassion, we can support Foxes and their community in creating positive, lasting, and sustainable change.

What is the challenge that Foxes needs help to resolve?

In this area of Mufindi, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has taken an immense toll on the community, and created such immense poverty, that communities are no longer able to care for those who are sick and especially for children who's parents have passed away. The traditional system of neighbors or relatives caring for individuals with HIV/AIDS and the orphaned children has become exhausted. Families are now unable to take on this extra burden, and so some assistance is needed to return the community back to it's original way of being: where an entire village can come together for the care of all of it's most vulnerable members.

How will this project help address the issues?

Foxes Community Trust's focus on health care and mitigation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has lead to the rehabilitation of the Mdabulo Health Facility. The Mdabulo hospital, in Mufindi district, serves 19 villages with a combined population of more than 35,000 residents. However, many of these residents are unable to make the journey to see a health professional at the hospital. As part of the Home-Based Care program at Mdabulo Health Facility, Foxes supplies bicycles to volunteer health professionals who travel to rural communities throughout the surrounding area, to visit patients and provide medical care.

Long-term impact

An increase in the availability of health care, and improvements in the health and well being of individuals within a family and community, will ultimately lead to a population that is well prepared to face the challenges of combating poverty. To help in the long-term, the home-based care program will ensure individuals who are unable to make the journey (often upwards of several hours each way by public transportation) can still have access to medical treatment. The provision of bicycles to allow for home-based care is one step further towards directly reaching a number of the targets of the Millennium Development Goals – reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, and combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.

Background information about Foxes’ Community

Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust (FCWCT), is a Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is based in Mufindi district in an area that has one of the highest prevalence rates of HIV in the entire world. The NGO aims to address the increasingly overwhelming AIDS pandemic, especially as it affects orphaned and vulnerable children.

The overall aim is to provide shelter, sustenance, education, and medical care for orphaned and vulnerable children; to curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS, to teach life skills (language, fiscal, vocational, self-sufficiency), and to create hope and opportunities for future generations.

Project Leader: Geoff Knight


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