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Help secure educational program for kids leaving the home


We're thrilled to announce that we've now funded this first project goal for Wajibu Wetu. We've posted a video here from Wajibu Wetu saying thank you to all of us.

Video Update: Wajibu Wetu saying thank you

A good friend of Help Every Day, Sungmin Patricia Kim , recently visited Wajibu Wetu where she has worked earlier on. Patricia was able to get some very funny and charming footage of the kids as well as George and Jane who run Wajibu Wetu. Enjoy this little piece of heart warmin video:


Wajibu Wetu ask Help Every Day for 650$ to contribute to the funding of their Exit Program and through this educational program ensure these kids a better chance at a promising, self-reliant future.

Wajibu Wetu Children's Trust is a home for Kenyan children who have been orphaned as a result of parents dying of HIV/AIDS. Based on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, Wajibu Wetu provides children from as young as 3 years old to those who have reached adulthood, with the necessary skills, support and love to ensure they live a healthy and happy life.
Since its inception, Wajibu Wetu has grown steadily, both in size and quality. Its services have been more focused, more professional, more inclusive, offering a comprehensive and complete mix of activities, which aims at giving a child a dignified existence while growing up, as well as a fair prospective on life.

What is the challenge that Wajibu Wetu needs help to solve?

HIV/AIDS has a devastating effect on families and individuals who have been affected by the disease. When a child is left orphaned by HIV/AIDS, their suffering is often compounded by having to fend for themselves in the absence of a family network to care for them. Wajibu Wetu offers a home for those children, providing the basic necessities of life, such as clothing, food and shelter, but also helping the child overcome the trauma they have experienced, and providing a loving environment in which the child can grow.

How does this project address the issue?

Wajibu Wetu provides a stable, safe, healthy and loving environment for those children who need it most. The numbers of children at the home are no more than 30 at a time, in which a family atmosphere is developed and close relationships are formed between the foster parents, volunteers, and children. In this way, Wajibu Wetu creates a family space for those children who need it most.

The Exit Program at the Wajibu Wetu Children’s Trust ensures the children leaving the Wajibu Wetu home with the skills necessary for re-integration back into the community. This involves sending the children to vocational school, or college, and working with them to build their skills.

Long Term Impact

Due to the few children in the home that are in the teenage years and the Kenyan government requirement that children above 18 years should not depend on the homes for survival, the home has seen it necessary to come up with an exit programme, with which to prepare and train the children to be self sufficient once they leave the home. Currently, the home is situated on rented property, though the home hopes to purchase land shortly on which to resettle the home permanently. This will allow for the establishment and development of long-term projects at the home, which can contribute to the financial sustainability of the project.


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