Elerai Public School

Dairy Cattle and Crop Garden Project


In 2012 Ereto Maasai Youth [EMAYO] established a school food program at Elerai Primary
School with the assistance and support of Kesho Trust volunteers. The program has been very
successful. Each school day over 450 students are receiving a meal of beans, corn meal and
occasionally rice. The program has encouraged attendance at school and also provides the basis
for improved learning. The community of Elerai has been very supportive of the program and
women contribute their time and resources to ensure the food is available and prepared for the
children. International donations have continued to support the program but the majority of the
support comes from the community itself.
The program remains constrained by resources and the facilities available to implement it. In
particular the kitchen area used by the women is very small and storage facilities are limited.
Also the children do not have a dedicated area to eat.

Project objectives

EMAYO is interested in making the program sustainable. They want to expand and stabilize the
program by enriching the food available to the children and providing improved facilities for
food storage, preparation and consumption. The project specific objectives are:
· to develop a school garden area for food production
· to acquire and provide the necessary facilities to support two dairy cattle
· to improve existing facilities for food preparation and storage
· to develop a dining area for the children

Project activities

School garden area: EMAYO will work with the village council and the community to acquire
the necessary four acres land and prepare it for production. Clearing and fencing will be
required in advance of cultivation and cropping. Beans and maize are the staples of the program
which will be grown in the school garden. The area will also be utilized for hay production to
maintain the school dairy cattle.

Dairy cattle: two dairy cattle will be purchased for the school program. To sustain these
animals some additional facilities will be needed including a shed for the animals, a shed for
food storage, a rain water harvesting tank to ease the sourcing and transport of water by the
women and a milking parlour. All of these facilities will need to be in place prior to the purchase
and transport of the cattle to the village. EMAYO will work with the school committee and the
community members to ensure the construction of these facilities on the school property. Proper
care of the animals will require food supplements and health care as well as inspection and
advice from the district government Veterinary Field Officer.

Food program facilities: the existing kitchen facilities are minimal and need upgrading.
EMAYO will work with the women volunteers who are cooking for the program to find ways of
expanding and improving the cooking and storage area and facilities. EMAYO will also design
and construct a dining area for the children with tables and benches. Local villagers will
contribute ideas and expertise to the project.

Project outputs

The project will provide the Elerai Elementary School food program with:
· assured daily food availability (maize and beans)
· increased milk production
· improved cooking and storage facilities
· a furnished dining room

Timing and sustainability

The project is a much needed improvement for the school and the community is already
extremely committed to the existing program. There will be full support for the project and
considerable assistance available to ensure its timely completion. EMAYO anticipates that the
project would be complete and operational within six months. Once facilities are in place the
community has the commitment to sustain the program at the new level of service.



Project leader: Bruce Downie
E-mail: bdownie@thekeshotrust.org

Funding goal: $5,162
Remaining: $0
Since: 10. January, 2017


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