Furniture for Wajibu Wetu!

Complete interior furnishings for Wajibu Wetu's new Children's Home

Fully funded!

In late january we sent off 5706 USD for the Wajibu Wetu Children's Trust to enable the interior furnishings of the new home for the children. We are looking forward to receiving updates and pictures on how this project grant will complete the last stages of the moving into Wajibu Wetu's new home. Thanks to everyone who contributed to Help Every Day to make this possible!


Wajibu Wetu and Help Every Day have again partnered for an ambitious project.
The Wajibu Wetu Children’s Trust is a home for Kenyan children who have been orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Formally based on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, the Wajibu Wetu home has recently moved to its new location, on property and in buildings entirely owned by the Trust!
The new plot is about 10 minutes past the main airport following the main Kenyan highway going from Nairobi to Mombasa. It is about 10 minutes drive North of the village Athi River.

This new home and location will provide critically needed stability and security to the children at the home who, from as young as 3 years old to those who have reached adulthood, have found a loving and stable environment in which to nurture and live a healthy and happy life.

Since its inception, Wajibu Wetu has grown steadily, both in size and quality. Its services have been more focused, more professional, more inclusive, offering a comprehensive and complete mix of activities, which aims at giving the children a dignified existence while growing up in a safe environment.

What is the challenge that Wajibu Wetu needs help to solve?

Since its inception, Wajibu Wetu has cared for children whose lives have been profoundly impacted by HIV/AIDS. Though Wajibu Wetu has provided a safe and healthy environment in which the children are able to grow, the longevity of the home on the land it has traditionally been located has always been uncertain. At any time, the owner of the property could have sold the land, evicting the children and caregivers, and compromised the chance of the children to a brighter future. Also recently the owner of the land passed away and it was divided between his children who are now looking to sell it. As a result the land was subdivided and now the children have no more space to play outside and the orphanage has no more space to have their own vegetable garden.

The long-term goal of the Trust owning their own land and buildings, in which to have a permanent home for the children, is soon to be a reality. This will also provide major savings as no more monthly rent will need to be paid. And, because of the size of the new plot, the orphanage will be able to grow most of its own food, and maybe even sell some.

How does this project address the issue?

Grant money from Help Every Day will be used in the finishing stages for the new Wajibu Wetu Children’s Trust home that has been recently constructed. The grant from Help Every Day would be critical to the finishing stages of this project. Specifically, the grant money would be used to furnish the inside of the home, with items such as new beds and bedside tables, dining tables and chairs, a bookshelf for a rapidly expanding library for the children, desks and chairs where the children can work, and lamps (if funds allow). Reclaimed material is being proposed to be used in constructing the furniture, where possible, in order to further reduce the costs of furnishing the home.

Long Term Impact

The new home that is being constructed will be a big, round, open building with lots of natural light. This new living environment will greatly contribute to the health and well-being of the children, many of whom have experienced hardship and traumatic events in their young lives. Moving forward, the grant from Help Every Day will greatly assist in reaching the goal of a long-term, secure, and healthy living environment for the children. Part of this environment - and that which the grant from Help Every Day will support - is a comfortable living environment inside of the house with new furniture.



Project leader: Rob Jong

Funding goal: $5,706
Remaining: $0
Since: 27. January, 2016


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