A new kitchen for Kirunguru Special School!

Project to build a new kitchen facility to ensure healthy food conditions for over 60 kids with special needs at the Kiringuru Special School, Kenya


On december 9th, 2015, we received these pictures and a warm thank you note from Head Teacher, Mr. Wanyoike.

On january 13th, 2016, we received received this wonderful video, which shows how the kitchen is being used every day to prepare good, healthy meals for all the children at the Kirunguru Special School:


We're happy to announce that we have now set the transfer in motion donating 5778 USD to the Kirunguru Special School, and we look forward to following up with feedback from the implementation of the new kitchen. We expect it to take roughly 2-3 months until from this day, 14th of april 2015, until the new kitchen is finished. Thank you to everyone who supported with their smalles coin every day to make this project possible!


Help Every Day will support the Kirunguru Special School to create a clean, safe, hygienic environment in which to prepare, cook and serve the children’s food. Our donation of 5733 USD will cover everything from basic building materials, construction costs and the purchase of interior equipment such as new cooking and serving utensils and a new stove.
This will help ensure the children’s well-being and healthy development and would be a significant factor in ensuring a brighter future for these special young lives!

Kirunguru Special School caters for the needs of over 60 children with varying degrees of special needs. The school provides shelter, care and education for all of these children. Some of the children have physical disabilities only and having them enrolled in Kirunguru ensures that they can be integrated into mainstream schooling along with their peers. For those with learning disabilities or combination/multiple disabilities, we run a special education program that helps them to learn life skills and vocational skills encouraging them to reach their potential as they work towards independent living.


Like in most homes, the kitchen is at the heart of ensuring the children are well taken care of. A feeding program is often the only source of a nutritious, balanced diet for children who come from poor backgrounds.  Feeding programs improve the health of children, reduce their absenteeism and improve their academic performance - and this is true for the children at Kirunguru.

Children with special needs are often neglected. Families rarely understand the complexity of their child’s condition and those from poor backgrounds simply do not have access to medical and social support or education and information about how to help their child reach his or her potential. Children with special needs are often viewed as a ‘curse’ on the family or a ‘bad omen’ and as a result they are hidden away with little opportunity for development and a very low quality of life.

The team at Kirunguru Special School is working hard to change these misperceptions and create new opportunities for children with special needs. It is vital that we support the development of these children with good nutrition.

For the feeding program to serve its purpose, the kitchen must be renovated. As you can see from the second and third photo above, it is extremely run down and not a suitable environment in which to prepare, cook and serve the children’s food.


The team at Kirunguru is devoted to loving and nurturing these children. As Pauline, the Deputy Head Teacher says, “We can be the fertile ground for these children to sprout and grow.” It has been amazing to watch parents as they begin to see their children develop skills they previously thought impossible. The community has also begun to understand the potential of these children and placed a higher value on their lives. They are so grateful for an environment like Kirunguru which is helping these children to develop physically, emotionally and mentally and working to ensure a brighter future for them all.


Provision of the feeding program has significant impact on the health and development of these children. Through the reconstruction of the kitchen which will enable the feeding program, we can ensure the physical well-being of these children which is a key factor in ensuring that they enjoy healthy development so as to reach their potential and have a long term, positive impact in their families and communities.


Kirunguru Special School is located about 45 kilometres north east of Nairobi.



Project leader: Deborah Kimathi
E-mail: deborah@vision-africa.org

Funding goal: $5,778
Remaining: $0
Since: 19. March, 2015


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