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Help finance 20 difficult delivery operations at the Masanga Hospital

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Read this beautiful personal story about a life saving operation performed at the Masanga Hospital as 1 of the 20 caeserean section operations we've been able to fund through all our Coins of Compassion. 


We are so excited to announce that another great project goal has been reached! Our Coins of Compassion from around the world will have crucial impact in the lives of mothers and their unborn babies, as we're financing all the necessary remedies to perform 20 difficult delivery operations at the Masanga Hospital in Siera Leone. In a district with more that 300.000 people, the Masanga Hospital is the only hospital offering cesarean section operations in case of complications during birth.


The Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Project started in 2006 to re-establish access to basic medical care for people in a rural area in Sierra Leone - the Masanga Hospital is situated in the middle of Sierra Leones jungle. Most of the treatments at the hospital are simple, life savings treatment for malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea. The program works to ensure complete sustainability in the future and does so by setting up educational programs and a new business section.

What is the current challenge that Masanga needs help to solve?

Sierra Leone has the highest maternal and infant mortality in the world. One of eight women dies in relation to pregnancy and delivery. The hospital now has a well functioning maternity ward and operational facilities to deal with complicated delivery cases. The necessary remedies to perform a lifesaving cesarean section on a women cost approximately 125 USD and we ask for financial assistance in the form of 2532 USD from Help Every Day to secure 20 life saving operations for mothers in difficult delivery.

Long term impact

The program has impact on the life and well being for the mothers and the child, who will be affected directly by the treatments. The long term impact is to reduce the maternal and infant mortality and this is done by securing free access to healthcare and well functioning hospital facilities.

Project message

The Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Project combines emergency aid and long term development work. We do what needs to be done in emergency - to save the lives of the mothers and their newborns. We are also concerned about the future and work hard to secure sustainable development in the local area by creating education and businesses.

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Project leader: Søren Bo Steendahl

Funding goal: $2,532
Remaining: $0
Since: 13. February, 2012


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