Reporting from Kirunguru Special School

18. December, 2015
A message from Head Teacher, Mr. Wanyoike

Dear member of Help Every Day. Earlier this year we supported the Kirunguru Special School with 5778 USD to help them construct a new and highly improved kitchen facility for the daily meals during the school day. Read the full project description here.

We have now received these three pictures showing the students in front of the bulding as well as two pictures showing the interior of the kitchen and some of the new equipment. The Head Teacher of the school, Mr. Wanyoike, is seen to the left on on of the pictures of the inside of the kitchen facility.
We also received the following message Mr. Wanyoike, which he asked us to kindly pass along to all our members:

"To our sponsors, Help Every Day, we lack enough words to tell you thank you for your good work. All that we can say is to pray to the Almighty God to bless you abundantly in all your endeavours and grant you long life to continue serving the less fortunate in the society. What you are doing is quite noble in the eyes of God.

The kitchen is spacious with the energy saving jikos (stoves), which have big sufurias (cooking pots). Its floor can be easily cleaned as it is smooth and the jikos are efficient in cooking hence no time is lost thus making the school programme run without interruptions. The big sufurias enable our cooks to prepare enough food for all the learners at once. This makes their work lighter and enjoyable.

Pass my warm regard to all your supporters.

Mr Wanyoike

(Head Teacher, Kirunguru Special School)"

Please also take a look at this wonderful video, which shows how the kitchen is being used every day to prepare good, healthy meals for all the children at the Kirunguru Special School:

From the Help Every Day team, we wish to say a warm thank you to everyone who took part in this project by supporting Help Every Day one way or the other!


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