Report from the collaborative project in India

3. October, 2014
41-page overview of results from the campaign to end violence against women, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

We've just received this comprehensive and very interesting closing report from the project "Collective Footprints to End Violence Against Women", which has been implemented as a collaborative effort between Help Every Day, PRIA and SAKAR in the Bareilly area, Uttar Pradesh, India. View the full report here.
A huge thank you to every single member of Help Every Day for their ongoing support to make this project possible.

The report shows great pictures of the involved people and of some of the various activities that have been carried out as part of the campaing. Overall, the campaign goal was to reach out to boys and girls, men and women, in both private, public and educational settings to create awareness and education around the topic of domestic violence and supression of women's rights.

Here are a few key numbers of project's overall implementation results:

No. of project intervention sites (e.g., no. of gram sabhas, no. of slums worked in, etc): 5 intensive, 15 extensive

No. of direct project beneficiaries: 15 core group members, 125 adolescent girls, 30 community leaders

No. of indirect beneficiaries: 4930

25 meetings and 10 trainings conducted in the form of Adolescent girls’ groups on gender & Violence Against Women (VAW), a Youth core group on Gender, and Orientation of youth (boys & girls) on Gender and violence & its causes. No. of participants in the trainings: 125 girls, 30 college students, 40 rural boys

No. of campaigns conducted: 1

No. of districts/villages covered: 1

No. of citizens reached: approx. 5000

Please see the full report for more detailed info of these results, the process and method of implementation as well as the contextual background of the project.


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