Christmas Greetings from St. Andrews Baby Unit

27. December, 2013
With a thank you to Help Every Day's generous members!

 It has been another great year for the St Andrews Baby Unit in Kandara. The unit has had a makeover and looks much brighter with new flooring and a fresh coat of paint. This has lifted the spirits of the staff and the children who love the new environment.

Three of the older children from the unit have been attending the nursery school that Vision Africa set up in the grounds of Kandara Children’s Home. Patrick, James and Anne are coming on in leaps and bounds since they started in the baby class. They have learned new songs and rhymes and enjoy singing them and teaching the other children back at the baby unit. In fact, as soon as they saw the Santa hat Patrick started a chorus of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and was quickly joined by Anne and James.

There have been a few graduations this year with children moving up to the main home. This has left space for new babies who have been brought in to the unit. Just in the last few weeks, there have been three early Christmas gifts for Matron Lucy, Mother Florence and the rest of the team. Natasha was brought in at two days old as her mother is unable to care for her. She already has an older sister who spent a few years in the baby unit before moving up to the main home. The staff have introduced the older sister to Natasha and she is already very protective of her.

Anne was brought in at three months old. She has had a troubled start in life as her mother is unable to look after her and she was rescued from a difficult situation. She is now doing well under the care of Lucy and the mothers at the unit. Before there was time to adjust to having two small babies again, a third one was brought in. This little girl was abandoned and handed in to a pastor’s wife. Her mother obviously cared greatly for her as she had left a note with the details of her vaccinations. When the staff saw the little two month old baby, they were amazed at how much she looked like the very first baby that was brought in to the unit back in January 2008. Grace has since been successfully adopted by a family in Kenya and is doing well so the staff decided to give the new arrival her name.

Thanks to your support through Help Every Day, Mother Florence was ready and waiting to take care of Natasha, Anne and Grace. When she introduced us to Natasha she told us that she really enjoys looking after the little babies.

We look forward to bringing you updates on the progress of the little ones in the year to come.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


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