February Update from SAKAR, India!

20. February, 2013
Great personal stories and updates from the program!

The girls are gradually learning new things at the centre and practicing the things learnt in the last months. Both the courses require neatness and expertise which comes with practice, regular practice and feedback is the process which is adopted by the trainers for the girls. One more month to go and the girls will be equipped to start their own enterprise and will become certified professionals (See project goal and description here).

Beautician Training

The girls were taught how to do facials and its types, different types of facial and its steps are taught to girls so that they can practice on it and do it smoothly and in the right direction. Different types of face mask are also told to girls, some packs are told which can be prepared at home easily with no cost. Girls have been provided with facial kit in the centre and massage creams so that they can practice it and become perfect.
Manicure, Pedicure and Heena application are taught, they also require practice so the girls are practicing on the fellow learner’s to set their hands. The month of December and January were extremely cold, so the attendance of the girls were effected.

The Story of Geeta

Geeta is a bright and active learner in this centre. Geeta is 19 years old and belongs to a dalit (socially lower caste) and poor family. Her father is a daily wage earner and goes to the city for work. She has passed class 10th but could not study further because of the bad economic condition of the family. She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

She is the eldest of the siblings so her parents did not want her to go out of the house and was forced to stay at home and support her mother in the household chores. Geeta always had the desire to learn something and become economically independent. One day she met the staff of sakar in her aunt’s house and came to know about the adolescent group formed by the organization. She told the community organizer her condition and requested her to talk to her parents and convince them. Looking at her interest and determination the community organized met her parents and after a lot of persuasion convinced her mother to allow geeta to become a member of the group. She attended all the meetings of the group which were conducted in the village and also started coming to the programs outside the village with the help of other active women of her village.

When the vocational centres were started by SAKAR, she convinced her parents to get herself enrolled for beautician course. Now among the 20 girls she is the brightest of all and has become the favourite of the trainer in the parlour.
Geeta says: "I like this course very much, I like dressing up and decorating myself. I have become more confident now and know how to make myself look beautiful. I am very happy now, I could not continue my studies but atleast now I have the skill which can make me self dependent.”
Geeta has a dream to start her own beauty parlour one day and wants become an inspiration for many other girls of her community.

Tailoring Training

The girls were taught 4 new things and made to practice the old ones. The girls learnt 4 types of bottoms. They first see the trainer doing it and then they one by one practice it on old papers and then after that it is done on old clothes and then the new one if they want it to be stitched for themselves. Each girl maintains her own sample file, so that she remembers it even after the course.

The Story of Gudiya

Gudiya a 17 year old teenager belongs to bhojipura village. Gudiya could not study after class 5 as her father did not want her to go out of the village to study and they do not have school in the village after class 5.

Gudiya was forced to stay at home as she was growing and it is not considered good for adolescent girls to play and roam when they are in growing stage for security reasons (a social taboo). She use to do cleaning, cooking and took care of her siblings and her father use to go out for work and her mother works in fields to feed their 6 children.
Things started changing in Gudiya’s life when her mother became the member of the self help group that sakar runs in the village to make the poor and destitute women become aware and economically strong. Her mother attended meetings in the villages, block and district and understood what they were doing with gudiya was wrong. Gudiya has the right to freedom, expression and choice. With lot of persuasion and awareness, she started bringing gudiya to different events of the organization . Gudiya’s mother understood that if she will not give chance to her daughter, gudiya will also lead a life of dependency like her. So when she came to know about the vocational couse run by SAKAR she decided to enroll gudiya in one of the courses. Despite her husband’s disagreement she sends gudiya for learning tailoring. Gudiya has learnt to stitch frock, baby suits, napkins, bottoms, tops & blouses.
Gudiya’s mother munni says, “I am illiterate and do not know any skill so I am dependent on my husband for every single penny. I was not aware and we have large family of 6 children to feed, but I want gudiya to be self dependent and aware of her rights. I want my daughter to live a life with identity and dignity." 


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