How It Works

In five steps, this is how the process works:
1. We select hard-working, local development projects that need help to achieve their goals
2. People around the world, like you, choose to simply give 1 Coin of Compassion every day
3. We allocate 100% (minus credit card fee) of your donation to our current projects
4. We provide you with information on how the donations are making a valuable impact
5. And together we're changing social and economic injustice one person at a time

Selection of projects

Our greatest passion is to partner with projects that are locally anchored and have the ability to play vital roles in development processes towards sustainability and self-reliance.

No local communities or development processes are the same. That's why our thorough grant and project selection process is highly individualised. Each project selection is based on a direct, personal relationship between Help Every Day and the people carrying out the specific project.
We carefully investigate each project’s interaction with their local community and the overall effort in the community to achieve sustainable development and self-reliance.
Sustainability is not just a matter of economic growth and self-reliance. Growth and self-reliance are the fruits of a healthy development. There are a number of basic human and infrastructural necessities that often precede the possibility of economic growth and ultimately self-reliance. 

In our thorough selection process, our single most reliable asset is people. We work with a trusted and secure network of people operating within the humanitarian sector and this network is our primary tool when we investigate and decide which projects to trust and support. This is how we ensure that 100% of all donations go directly to our current projects. This way all donations are allocated and implemented safely to what they are intended for – the people and projects in the field in need of our support.


You can give a one-time donation to any project of your choice by contacting We will then be very happy and thankful to provide you with the necessary bank account information to transfer a one-time amount.

You can give a recurring donation of one Coin of Compassion in a currency of your choice. The daily donation is calculated into a monthly amount and will be charged from your credit card through our secure and encrypted (SSL) payment system. 100% (minus credit card fee, which vary from 1.85-4% depending on the origin of the credit card) of your donation will be given to the projects that appear on our projects site. The recurring Coin of Compassion is the backbone of our organization. When you become a member you will be charged your daily contribution calculated into a monthly fee, e.g. 3 USD. The monthly fee is transferred to the general giving fund and from there allocated by the board of directors to the projects listed on the current projects site. You will then be charged this amount on the same date every month onwards.


It’s not because of selfishness that a lot of people who could help choose not to.
Three key factors can make people turn away instead of reaching out. We've made it our mission to eliminate those factors:

- It has to be specific: You need to know exactly how you're donation has impact. And be assured there are no cuts or extra costs whatsoever taken from your donation.

- It has to be transparent: You need easily accessible documentation on where and how your money has impact.

- It has to be affordable: We strongly believe that the key to turning things around is consistent actions by as many people as possible. The way to make this possible is to ask for no more than what anybody can afford. And with Coins of Compassion that’s exactly what we’ve created.

We do several things to ensure complete transparency in our work. The two most important things are the posting of our annual budget as showing how our donations have been used to support our current projects through reports from these projects on the progress they’ve made. By the end of this year we will craft a revised financial report regarding the spending of all donations, which will be uploaded directly to this site.

Great ideas and compassionate work

Help Every Day exists only because a bunch of good-hearted people have sympathized deeply enough with our vision and committed themselves to our cause. The world is full of talented and (com)passionate people – and we strive to get in touch with  people who have something to contribute. One of our most valuable tools is an open mind, so don’t hold back even if you think your idea is too normal, too different or just crazy. If you have an idea on how to support Help Every Day or know of a project that you think Help Every Day could support, we would love to hear from you on this email:

The volunteers behind the scenes

We are able to donate 100% of your generous donation because Help Every Day is run entirely by an international team of dedicated volunteers who commit their time and energy outside of school and career, and is a testimony to how amazing results can be reached without any pay-checks involved. It is our long-term goal to fundraise administrative/operational costs separately. That way Help Every Day can grow and support more projects, while still ensuring that 100% of your coins of compassion are donated to our current projects.

Update credit card information and Unsubscribing

You can update your credit card information if you want your recurring donation to be charged from a different credit card here, or by following the link at the bottom right of every page on this site.
You can unsubscribe from your recurring donation at any time by simply writing an email to


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