Selection of new projects put on hold

1. May, 2018

Dear member of Help Every Day,
Due to a lack of volunteer ressources, we have now put the process of selecting new potential projects on hold. Over the past few years the volunteer team has experienced dramatic changes as core members have entered new professional positions and some of us even moved abroad. The avaiable time and volunteer ressources have dimished significantly under these circumstances. 
Therefore, we have put the selection of new projects on hold for the time being. Ongoing donations are received as always and saved for future projects. In the event that we will decide definitively to end Help Every Day's work, all remaining funds will be donated to a recognized charity that works within the broad areas described in our mission statement:

a. Work to secure access to clean water and basic sanitation, food security, shelter, and medical attention for all.
b. Protect and care for abandoned children. Empower all children with an education and the necessary resources to pursue their goals.
c. Support the development of social security and safety nets in order to secure those who are unable to support themselves.

We are using this time to try to figure out if Help Every Day can continue and in that case what the future operation of our charity work should look like.
Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Matias I.S.W. Nielsen


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