Bikes of Compassion Update, August 2012

12. August, 2012
Great pictures, all the bikes together, a short video and a time frame for the program.

Great news. The bikes have now been purchased in Tanzania and have arrived at the health facility. We've been looking so much forward to showing you the pictures of the bikes with the stickers on.. We think they great.

In the pictures to the left (click them to enlarge) you'll see the whole fleet of bikes bought entirely on Coins of Compassion from all of our members - which explains the the name "Bikes of Compassion".

You also see a male volunteer standing next to one of the bikes as well as a picture of a typical road, where the volunteer health professionals will be riding the bikes to reach the sick people of the community. 

At the beginning of September all the volunteers will start receiving training at the health facility. After a period of 3-4 four weeks of intensive training the home based care program will start and the Bikes of Compassion will be taken into use on the dirt roads of the community.

In the short video clip below you'll see two volunteers - one from Tanzania and one from Canada - chatting as they walk on one of the dirt roads, where the bikes will serve the volunteers of the home based care program. See the full project description of our partnership with Foxes Community Trust and the Home Based Care Program.


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