St. Andrews Baby Unit Update, July 2012

26. July, 2012
Changing Faces and a Challenge for Sustainability

Since our last update, the St Andrews Baby Unit has had another new arrival. A little boy, estimated to be about five months old was found in a house in the local area. It is thought that he had been on his own for two days after his mother ran off and left him. He is now under the care of Matron Lucy and her team.

Another group of children has graduated from the baby unit to the main children’s home at Kandara – Lucy and Teresia have joined Newton and Jacob and seem to be enjoying themselves in their new surroundings. They still pop back to the baby unit to visit the staff and their friends.

There has also been another child fostered since our last update. Little Moses (the little guy with the hat on the picture above - click to enlarge), known as Mussa, was found by a river not long after he was born. He was rescued by some people who happened to be passing nearby and after the authorities had been notified, he was admitted to the baby unit. After three years, he has a new family who hope to adopt him after their initial foster period is over. Moses seemed very happy when his new family came to collect him. He was heard proudly telling his little friends “My mum is feeding me lunch today!”

The other exciting update is that little Anne has started walking all on her own. She had been a bit reluctant for a while but now runs around with the rest of the older children in the unit.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the St Andrews Baby Unit through Help Every Day. Without your donations it would not be possible for the unit to operate. We are now focusing on making our projects more sustainable - Matron Lucy from the St Andrews Baby Unit recently attended a two day workshop in Nairobi to learn more about how to run successful Income Generating Activities such as the day care that the baby unit offers to families in the local community. 

Kind regards, 

Kirsty Mclullich
Vision Africa 


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