Vision & Mission

Help Every Day is a not-for-profit organization that invites people around the world to make their compassion count – every single day.

Annual reports

2017: The 2017 financial report has been delayed. We will post it here as soon as it is ready.

2016: See our audited financial report for 2016 (in danish only) by the accounting firm Beierholm.

2015: See our audited financial repprt for 2015 (in danish only) by the accounting firm Beierholm.

2014: See our audited financial report for 2014 (in danish only) by the accounting firm Beierholm.

2013: See our audited financial report for 2013 (in danish only) by the accounting firm Beierholm.

2011/2012: See our audited financial report for 2011/2012 (in danish only) by the accounting firm Beierholm. Please also take a look at our annual report for 2011/2012.

Vision and core values

We envision a world where massive social and economic injustice is a dark chapter of yesterday’s agenda. It is our vision to contribute to the development of communities and societies characterised by social and economic justice and the protection of universal human rights. The world is connected, and we’re all in this together. In our view, there is no difference between helping each other and helping ourselves.

Mission: Coins of Compassion

Our mission is to support the poorest people of the world in their struggle to rise out of poverty. We’ve created a radical economic method that allows everybody in the world with a credit card to make a contribution – every single day. We call this method Coins of Compassion. The smallest coin in any currency equals one Coin of Compassion. Something everybody can easily afford to help fight social and economic injustice. Everybody can do it and everybody gives the same. That’s why we think there’s really no good reason not to do it.

Principles that guide our work

1. Work to do: Social and economic justice
a. Work to secure access to clean water and basic sanitation, food security, shelter, and medical attention for all.
b. Protect and care for abandoned children. Empower all children with an education and the necessary resources to pursue their goals.
c. Support the development of social security and safety nets in order to secure those who are unable to support themselves.

2. A shift of attitude: The Small Steps Are Imperative
a. Realize that when basic human needs have been met, it is primarily about being more, not having more.
b. Realize that all change, ultimately the making of a new and more equal world, starts with you.
c. Avoid the trap of thinking that small steps don’t matter. They are all there ever was.
d. Realize that you don’t have to give up your own life or privileges to help others.


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